Can sessions be saved for future revisions?
Absolutely. Upon client request, all computer-based sessions can be archived for future reference at no extra charge.

Do you charge for revisions to my recording? What if the revision is your mistake?
Yes, a modest fee for “pick-ups” usually applies. However, if a revision has to be made due to a mistake I made in the original recording there will, of course, be no charge.

How do I get my recording?
You can request a hard copy, or it can be delivered via e-mail or FTP posting. Please see
“Technical” for more information.

I can’t be there in person to direct you during my recording; can we do this over the phone?
Certainly, there is no need to be here because a professional phone patch system is available if you would like to listen in and/or direct your session. Please see “Technical” for more information.

If I need a session to be done after-hours or off-days, can you do it?
After-hours/off-days sessions can usually be accommodated; prior notice is greatly appreciated.

Are spot production services available?
Yes. It is preferred that clients provide their own licensed and cleared music; if not, there may be a licensing charge for music. The project will be mixed for client approval and then delivered as a finished product for an additional charge (separate from the voice-over talent fee).

Do you have ISDN?
Yes. One business day notification is requested.

Do you record other talents at your studio?
Not usually as this is a personal studio. Occasional exceptions can be made for regular clients, however.

How do I get your rates?
Click on “E-Mail” and you will see a form to fill out requesting details of your project. It would also be helpful to state a budget for your project if you already have determined it.

Do you also record elsewhere?
That is certainly an option especially in the Sacramento, CA area and the San Francisco Bay Area, schedule permitting.

Do you have industry references?
Yes, and plenty of them; just ask!

Are you union or non-union?
Non-union at this time.

Does an agent represent you?
I am currently represented by Stars, San Francisco, CA and Benz Modeling in Tampa, FL.

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